Ibero-American Network of Researchers in Mycology is gestated from CEMIT

On October 26, 2020, the first official meeting of RIIMICO was held, in virtual mode, to communicate the ratification of the network proposal by the Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association (AUIP).

The Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association (AUIP) communicated last days to the Multidisciplinary Center for Technological Research (CEMIT) of the National University of Asunción (UNA) that the Executive Commission of the Association ratified the proposal to create the Ibero-American Network of Researchers in Mycology (RIIMICO) as a beneficiary of a grant for its formation.

The creation of this network has been promoted by three researchers from the CEMIT Biotechnology Laboratory: the Farm. Bioq. MSc. Juliana Moura Mendes, Ing. Agr. MSc. Cinthia Cazal and, the coordinator, Dra. MSc. Ing. Agr. Andrea A. Arrúa.

RIIMICO was born as an initiative of this group of researchers who have been working with their Ibero-American peers for several years in various areas of mycology with the idea of ​​expanding and strengthening the network of contacts in their different countries and improving the visibility of their work. developed. By creating links that promote the collaborative work of Ibero-American researchers and the exchange of knowledge, research in the area of ​​mycology in general will be enriched.

As an added value, we can highlight the strong working link between the researchers who have proposed the initiative to form RIIMICO and their desire to formalize and expand contacts for the benefit of the growth of the science of mycology.

The purpose and objectives of the Ibero-American Network of Researchers in Mycology (RIIMICO) is to support the coordination of teaching activities at the postgraduate level, research, technological development, transfer of results and management of innovation related to fungal organisms in different areas of the human life.

RIIMICO will provide spaces for the exchange of knowledge and academic-scientific skills for the growth of its members and obtaining innovative solutions to problems in human and animal health, agriculture and livestock, environment and industry.

Currently RIIMICO has 71 researchers from 9 countries, representing 33 institutions: 9 institutions from Paraguay, 8 from Brazil, 4 from Mexico, 4 from Colombia, 3 from Argentina, 2 from Chile, 1 from Peru, 1 from Spain and 1 From Portugal. On October 19, the first virtual meeting of RIIMICO was held with the assistance of 37 researchers.

UNA, as part of its mission to “contribute to the permanent search for the truth, the creation and dissemination of scientific-technological knowledge, and strengthen its national and international leadership in the process of sustainable development of society, through education, research and extension ”strongly supports the strengthening and growth of this network.



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